Annie Mills


"Annie is great! I went for a consultation on one specific problem I had which Annie fixed in one session, and have now been going to see her for overall health fix. I love that Annie treats in a holistic way, which includes acupuncture, reflexology and massage. I absolutely would (and have) recommended Annie to friends and family."

Wendy Ashworth

"I have been to see Annie a couple of times now. I have been very impressed on both occasions. Annie is passionate about her job and is extremely knowledgeable. A real master in the treatments she provides. Someone could be shown how to massage and do a great job but the difference with Annie is that she knows about the body and each and every muscle.

Very professional and also a genuinely lovely person."

DP, Chandlers Ford

"I’ve had MS since 1972 with various degrees of symptoms but in recent years I’ve suffered from double vision, pains in my legs causing lack of sleep, difficulty in walking and lack of movement.

June of last year 2020 I started treatment with Annie and a course of acupuncture which has resulted in remarkable results, the double vision has ceased, the pain in my legs has diminished to a certain extent enabling me have a nights sleep, and the walking has improved.  Annie is very professional, knowledgeable and caring to the extent she will check your wellbeing aftertreatment. Highly recommend."

Jane Winchester

"I have been treated by Annie for many years, and have found that she provides excellent treatments delivered in a very professional manner. I particularly like her holistic approach whereby she offers guidance on diet, natural remedies, and exercise alongside her core sports massage therapy.

She has further enhanced her portfolio recently adding acupuncture to her skillset. I highly recommend Annie for any of the aforementioned treatments."


"Annie has been treating me over the last 4 years. She is a talented and insightful therapist.

Her knowledge is extensive and she has a wonderful manner. I do highly recommend her."

D. Payne

"I have been a regular customer of Annie Mills for the last 10 years, and I have been consistently impressed by the treatments that I have had with her, both sports massage and, more recently, acupuncture. She is an experienced and highly professional practitioner who understands the needs of her patients and provides a competent, caring and extremely effective treatment.  Annie is an outstanding acupuncturist, and I can vouch for the results that she has achieved - in my case curing a longstanding problem with my hand that would otherwise have required surgery. On top of this, she is a kind, caring and generous lady who has chosen this career in order to help other people.  I could not recommend her more highly."

Susie B.

"Annie always hits the spot, whether it is with her amazing sports massages that iron out all the kinks in areas I didn't even realise were sore, or with her acupuncture that heals me from the inside out. My regular sessions with Annie are a real boost and help to keep me on track physically as well as mentally. I feel less creaky and more alive since going to see Annie Mills."

CW, Winchester

"I’ve been seeing Annie for several years and she is a real miracle worker, using a combination of techniques from massage, reflexology and acupuncture to get to the root of the problem and offer you both short term relief and long term healing. Annie is really knowledgeable and does more than treat aches and pains - she really looks at all of her clients holistically to offer them the best possible treatment."

EW, Winchester

"I have known and received treatments from Annie, for a number of years now and I cannot recommend highly enough, for her ability, passion and knowledge. From massage to acupuncture, through her dedication and hard work Annie has achieved a very high standard in her profession. Highly recommend!!"

D. Sanderson, Winchester

"Wow - I was pretty sceptical before going to see Annie but a friend recommended this as I had had a bad back for quite some time and it wasn't getting any better.

Annie fixed me up a treat, from being in constant pain the next day I felt like I had never had an issue, it was amazing, I am like a new person.

I also see Annie too get some help with my neck and calves and ongoing this is really keeping me in tip top condition.  She doesn't push her services on you and makes you feel very relaxed from the off.

I don't like needles but have not had to look at them and it is not an uncomfortable experience at all.

I would thoroughly recommend her services."

JP, Chandlers Ford

"I highly recommend Annie for her holistic approach to tackling health issues. I have been her loyal client for more than a decade because she is knowledgeable, professional, and attuned to her client’s needs.  She is amazing, and most importantly, I really trust her to identify the appropriate approach to whatever issue I present her with!"

M. Akimoto, Winchester

"I have been going to Annie for treatments for around five years and I don't plan on stopping any time soon! Annie is so knowledgeable, and I always feel confident that I'm in safe hands. I leave feeling either relaxed, refreshed or invigorated, depending on what my needs are during that particular session. Annie treated me for a particularly painful shoulder injury 3 years ago. My husband, a powerlifter, also has regular treatments with Annie."

KS, Chandlers Ford

"When I first went to see Annie for acupuncture I was struggling with anxiety, mainly focussed around school, which was impacting my ability to sleep well, and giving me highs and lows on a regular basis affecting my everyday life. Annie spent time talking to me to understand me better and then targeted key areas to help restore balance in my body and mind. After the first session I could feel the difference and after several more sessions, where Annie focussed on the areas that were impacting me at the time, I have the sparkle back in my eyes, I am sleeping better and my ability to cope with school and the elements that life throws at me is now vastly improved. I continue to see Annie to maintain that balance which I now have."

EW (aged 16), Winchester

"I have been seeing Annie for Reflexology on and off for the past 7 years. Her healing hands have helped and guided me through some of the toughest times of my life. Her non-judgemental, caring and uplifting approach to your wellbeing balances you in ways nothing else could.She is simply the best practitioner anyone could have the good fortune to come across. After my first session the IBS which had plagued me for so long eased tremendously. After completing my first course of 6 sessions my painful and erratic menstrual cycle had become regular and amazingly with no pain.  After months of regular treatment and TLC from Annie I was at last pregnant! I now have 2 beautiful children and feel I could not have reached this stage without the life changing Reflexology along with Annie’s positive care, support and kindness."

VM, Alresford

"These pains you feel are messengers, listen to them."

- Rumi

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